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Revival Now Worship Encounter!

The McKnights are currently involved in various concert venues, worship services, public events and informal gatherings. Declaring, promoting and leading those in attendance or in their viewing audience to become part of a real God Centered - Holy Ghost Filled...   "Revival Now Worship Experience!"


The McKnights

"MusicianIres"  best describes...

"McKnight Family Ministry."

Kelly and Chastity both share a rich multi-generational heritage of ministers, song writers and gospel performers.  Their ministry in both the Word and music is enjoyed regionally, nationally and internationally. The McKnights promote the message... "It's always too early to quit! It's never too late to start over!"


Chastity McKnight

Chastity started her musical career singing with her late father, Pastor-Evangelist, renowned songwriter-musician,  Robert Hulsey. and her sister Trinity, an accomplished vocalist and worship leader. 

Chastity is creating her own mark in musical ministry with her original songs... "I'll Have Faith" and "Enough is Enough" and her newest, "Jesus... Friend of the Brokenhearted."


Kelly McKnight, PhD

Kelly comes for a multi-generational family of ministers, pastors, evangelist, music directors, musicians and writers. He shares the passion created in him from his late mom and dad, Dr. Heyward and Margaret McKnight to minister to all , regardless of their socioeconomic standing. in life. To feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort those alone and hurting... hope to those who've lost hope, minister to those incarcerated, as well as the ex-offender, to give shelter to the homeless.... and bring healing to the sick. 

As both an accomplished musician, song writer-vocalist, he loves leading "praise & worship"... taking those in attendance into a deeper depth of worship and higher level of praise than they've ever experienced. Preparing them to receive what God desires they possess!

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